All Aimee Norin novels are FREE and FREE TO SHARE for personal reasons, with friends, with students, etc., provided the novel is kept in its complete form. See the Copyright page with in each.

STEALTH Cover v2 4 800x1200

You’re stealth transsexual, highly integrated. You become a flight attendant, marry a successful businessman. Why are you tortured? Why do you face severe oppressions? Why can’t you defend yourself or let anyone else do it, either? Stealth: The Dark Side of Transsexual


OC COVER final 500x750

Five people: a transsexual war veteran and P.O.W.; a transgender  oppressed in a small town in Arizona; an accepting Christian cowboy; a Muslim crossdresser from Afghanistan; a Jewish lesbian school teacher from Texas. How can they accept each other? Out of the Closet


SLIDERS cover 500x750 FINAL V3 7

You’re brilliant, educated, involved, and transgender. You’ve got everything you want. Why do you have issues with denial and depression? How do your issues evolve through you over 36 years in transition? How has medical malpractice made it harder?  Sliders: The Dark Side of Transgender


Hate Crimes Cover red 500x750

You’ve transitioned. You glow as the woman you need to be. You’ve found your natal father. You’re enjoying newfound celebrity in a singing career in Hollywood. You’ve made new friends. You’ve fallen in love. Why does someone want to kill your friends and you?  Hate Crimes



You’re transsexual. You have  integrated for years. Why are you so scared? Why do you no longer trust yourself to love? Could you fall in love with a transman, whom you thought you’d hate?  Falling in Love


Aimee Norin writes explicit novels about flawed characters with issues, trying desperately to find love and happiness, to find themselves.

It’s hard for anyone to do, and it can be harder for one who is different in society.

These characters do not rubber-stamp any popular paradigm. Rather, the characters represent issues from different perspectives while they struggle with conflict and secrets, things done and not shared, joy and ecstasy, fear, suicide, oppression, and sometimes murder.

These roads are not traveled easily. Great compassion is needed for people who try.

Aimee Norin

One response to “Home

  1. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out, and I’m so thankful. There are some things in it I don’t agree with, but seeing Regnia gain so much and then wind up so lonely, really gets to my heart. It’s a problem I have, too. But I think with her example, maybe there’s hope.

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